Preferred Beauty – LaLicious Sugar Kiss Body Oil

LaLicious Sugar KissWith the sweet scent of vanilla, citrus and rose , LaLicious body oil can transport you out of the winter doldrums.

Free of sulphates and parabens, the Sugar Kiss oil is a mxiture of natural coconut oil and macadamia nut oil, which moisturizes and absorb easily, and a touch of almond and vitamin E oil to help smooth skin against the effects of winter.

This versatile body oil can be used in the bath, as a conditioner for hair, a moisturizer for cuticles, used a shaving cream and as a eye makeup remover.

Preferred Beauty – Vaseline Sheer Infusion

As the weather turns cooler and wind and rain seem to become the norm for autumn days, your skin probably wonders what’s going on. Then it says – aha! It’s autumn – I need more moisture. And indeed it does. So after a shower or a soak in the tub, treat your body to Vaseline Sheer Infusion.

This new moisturizer hydrates all three layers of the skin, with its unique Stratys-3 moisturizing complex, including GQ (glycerol quat), glycerin and HEU (hydroxy ethyl urea). Used daily, this body lotion will hydrate skin and encourage it to attract and hold moisture, making skin feel silky and smooth.

Available in three formulations – Botanical contains cypress, eucalyptus extract and a scent of apple and mandarin; Mineral has the scent of pear and bergamot while Vitamin features B5, E and the scents of citrus and red currant.

L&F Beauty – The Solution

The Solution by Envision Beauty is a moisturizer that contains all the necessary ingredients of nature and science to repair, tone, nourish and moisturize facial skin.

Formulated by beauty expert and raw food nutrition specialist Kimberly Snyder, The Solution is a combination of  the best ingredients of what’s happening on the beauty scene. Containing goji, grapeseed, acai and centalla asiatica, these ingredients provide a way to naturally improve firmness, boost collagen production and guard against premature aging and UVA damage.

But Snyder didn’t want to forget about science and added in DMAE to reduce fine lines, ALA to boost cellular energy, NaPCA for hydration and glow, Hyaluronic Acid for hydration, PPC to repair and L-Carnosine to improve the skin’s elasticity. The Solution also contains vitamin A, B5, C and E.

The Solution does not contain parabens, ethyl alcohol, fillers or synthetics, using natural preservatives like Grapeseed. For women who prefer to use minimal products, The Solution, in the morning before makeup application and in the evening before you sleep, is the hydration plan to boost your skin’s radiant glow.

L&F Beauty – Perlabella PureDose Pearls

Give your skin some TLC with Perlabella PureDose Pearls – a unique delivery system to provide retinol or other anti-aging vitamins to your skin, to increase effectiveness and be released gradually.

The system uses microsponge technology to slowly deliver pure and concentrated vitamins to your skin. The capsules are air-tight, insuring the product is never compromised.

With the Retinol Anti-Aging Face, your skin will become plumper and the vitamin A will help stimulate collagen production to give you smoother and softer skin, and help prevent new signs of aging, such as fine lines and dull skin.

Perlabella developed this product line to help counteract the effects of UV exposure, wind, smoking, pollution and chemicals that affect skin’s elasticity, radiance and tone.

Created in Italy, Perlabella Pure Dose Pearls are available in Retinol Anti-Aging Face, Q10 Face, Vitamin C Face, and Retinol Eye. No water, additives or preservatives are added to the product, preserving the purity of the product.

L&F Beauty – The Body Shop Nutriganics Day Cream

The Body Shop Nutriganics Smoothing Day Cream

Who doesn’t want a good moisturizer? And help the planet?

The Body Shop’s new collection – Nutriganics – aims on providing great skincare as well as use Community Trade sourced ingredients, such as organic babbasu oil from Brazil, cold-pressed coconut oil from Samoa, organic red grape from France and organic elderflower and thyme from Switzerland.

The Smoothing Day cream reduces the appearance of fine lines, improve’s skin elasticity and helps keep skin hydrated for 12 hours. Organic olive oil from Italy, jojoba oil and shea butter work with the Community Trade ingredients to make a moisturizer that is powered by a global perspective and helps you face your local day with its all its challenges of multitasking work and home.

Use every morning before applying makeup – Nutriganics skincare collection includes a Foaming Facial Wash, Refreshing Toner and Smoothing Night Cream.

L&F Beauty – Origins Brighter by Nature

I’m always looking for the power of nature to help my skin instead of chemical concoctions.

Origins Brighter by Nature Skin Tone Correcting Serum uses Mother Nature’s offerings to help skin clarity and reduce dark or discoloured skin tone, affected by environment, pollution and life’s stresses.

This Origins serum combines Japanese basil leaf, rosemary extract, yeast extract  and vitamin C to target skin tone and help prevent future uneven colour. Cucumber is also added in this treatment, to help cool and soothe skin.

Use morning and evening before moisturizing to help skin repair and strengthen. A better option than chemicals or drastic laser peel!

Life & Fashion – La Claree Oliv’

Trying to create a unique and organic skincare line was the goal for French beauty company La Claree, located in a river valley in France. Oliv’ contains four key ingredients: olive leaf extract, aloe vera, green tea and edelweiss, and all ingredients are organic. The olive leaf extract battles against the effects of pollution on facial skin, aloe vera is key for hydration and green tea and edelweiss are both antioxidants.

The moisturizing face cream is an easily absorbed light cream, used after cleansing. With a faint scent that dissipates quickly, this face cream is perfect for use every morning and before makeup application. Skin will become smoother and softer as well as have a radiant glow.

Made in France and eco-certified organic, the Oliv’ facial care system includes seven products, each created to cleanse, hydrate and treat delicate facial skin.

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