Sports Style Icons

How do they do it? Fans know how skilled these guys are, when they’re watching their skills on the pitch, court, or rink. But how do they become the fixture of the paparazzi lens? How did they figure out how to look that good? These guys have a lethal combination – skills, looks and a willingness to step outside the pack – here’s how they do it:

The Footballer (aka Soccer guy) – a global brand on the pitch and the billboard, the man of the match has earned cred as a skilled footballer and makes headlines for changing his hair, his collection of tattoos and his sponsors. A little Dolce & Gabbana, Paul Smith and a dose of Adidas never hurts a wardrobe, fueled with travel throughout the Euro zone. Style notes: Euro suits, trendy hair and must-have shades.

The B-baller (aka Net star) – from point forward to defensive guard, the boys of the hardwood want to look good on and off court. With appearances on fashion mags, and a madness that will soon descend in March on fans, basketball’s finest love the casual cool threads and the street-inspired wardrobe essentials from Nike and Ed Hardy as much as being fashion icons. But he isn’t shying away from high fashion, with a bit of Prada or Tom Ford in the closet. Style notes: Classic charcoal suits and a pair of Aviators.

The Ice-man (aka Hockey guy) – the rink may be the domain of goals, checks and the occasional punch, but off the ice, players know enough to wear Hugo Boss. With a wardrobe dominated by Bauer and Reebok, our game boys communicate on ice or post-game in hip casual wear from Diesel and Abercrombie & Fitch, but know how to work the classic Ralph Lauren and Brioni attitude. Style notes: Well cut navy suits and a statement watch.

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