L&F Beauty – Curel Itch Defense lotion

Oh Curel!

It’s my favourite body lotion. I like that it isn’t strongly scented, is easily absorbed and helps my skin look its best.

My only complaint was that it wasn’t as good competing with the harsh effects of winter – the cold temperatures and the lack of humidity. I still used my Curel, but sometimes cheated with another lotion later in the day, especially when the temperatures kept below zero.

Curel recently introduced Curel Itch Defense moisture lotion, focusing on dry, itchy skin that needs the moisture that disappears super quick in the winter. The skin balancing formula addresses the problem of flaky skin and helps prevent skin from future occurrances of moisture-lacking skin.

Endorsed by the National Excema Association, Curel Itch Defense is fragrance-free, tested by Allergists and Pediatricians and gentle enough for use on babies. Treat yourself to a new winter ally.