memories of the ’70s – Angie

The simple premise of rags to riches fueled the creation of this late 1970s sitcom – Angie.

Starring Donna Pescow as Angie, a waitress at a Philadelphia diner, this character was all about her working class roots, and surrounded by her Italian family – her sister Marie and her Mum Theresa.

Angie starts to date a customer, Bradley, assuming he’s a student and discovers her boyfriend isn’t poor but abundantly wealthy and a doctor who works at the clinic across the street.

This half hour sitcom debuted in February 1979 as a mid-season addition to the ABC lineup. Starting as a lead-in to the very popular Mork & Mindy, Angie became a hit, as fans welcomed the budding romance of Angie and Bradley. Many fans knew Pescow, who had been one of the stars of Saturday Night Fever.

As their relationship continues, Angie discovers the life of the wealthy seen through Bradley’s sister Joyce, his Dad Randall and his niece Hilary. Each half hour used the stereotypes of both working class and the wealthy to fuel laughs and understanding between the two families.

The second season saw the characters get married, blending their family and focusing more on the life of a young married couple, but fans weren’t as excited by the changes, ratings dropped and the series was cancelled at the end of the second season.

I remember watching Angie – and like many fans liked the interplay of Angie and Bradley when they were dating, but when they got married, it wasn’t the same – and I stopped watching.

A brief entry into the television schedule, Angie’s premise was a good hook, but advancing the story so quickly led to its death knell – as fans didn’t want resolution, they wanted to continue the back and forth drama of the stereotypical relationship of Angie and Bradley.