gone-to-swanI’m a Toronto-based freelance journalist, writing about lifestyle, interior design, art, culture, travel and the people who are passionate about what they create.

I’ve written for newspaper, magazine, and web publications since 2000.

I previously I worked in publicity and marketing in the book publishing industry for HarperCollins Canada, Douglas & McIntyre and General Publishing, after attending Ryerson School of Journalism.

I adore books, photography, textiles, music and everything to do with the groove of the 1970s and the outlandish style of the 1980s.

This site will hopefully make you smile and show you what I find when I’m exploring our planet with my eye looking down alleys and around corners.

Contact:  waheedaharris@yahoo.ca  Website: http://about.me/waheedaharris

Twitter: @waheedaharris  Instagram: @waheedaharris

PLEASE DO NOT COPY TEXT OR IMAGES from this site and publish it online (tweet, blog, website) or in print (newspaper, magazine, book) without permission of this author/photographer. All photos by WH and all content is copyright protected (Waheeda Harris) 2008-2019.









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  1. Meaghan Clark says:


    Your work is inspiring babe…

  2. Ellen says:

    You rock W. 🙂

  3. Alison Jones says:

    Always smart, always stylish.

  4. Mary Hughes Harper says:

    Mr Harper would love to know you – he should make the time!

  5. I love your site. Keep it up !

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