memoirs of the ’80s – Eternal Flame by The Bangles

Image result for bangles eternal flameThe 1980s ended with a Hot 100 ballad from The Bangles: Eternal Flame.

Written by Susanna Hoffs with writing team Bill Steinberg and Tom Kelly, the song was the only love song on the album Everything.

Hoffs had spoken about when she and the group had visited Elvis Presley’s home Graceland and saw the eternal flame in the family cemetery – this reminded Steinberg of the eternal flame he remembered from his home town synagogue in Palm Springs, California.

The album was the third studio album for the all-girl group – Everything was released in October 1988 by Columbia Records.

The band released In Your Room as the album’s first single, which charted in the top five, and then in February 1989 released Eternal Flame as the follow-up single. The song took 10 weeks to reach the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

The song’s music video focused on Hoffs vocals, showing the band members dressed in black and before showcasing Hoffs singing at the beach.

The song hit the top of the charts in the UK, Sweden, Ireland, The Netherlands, Portugal, Norway, Australia and also hit the number one spot on the Billboard Adult Contemporary charts.

The song was certified gold in the US, UK and Australia and marked the last number one single for the band. After the album, the band went on hiatus for 10 years.



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