memories of the ’80s – Chicken Soup

Image result for chicken soup tv seriesThe end of the 1980s a new sitcom tried to make a major splash with the series Chicken Soup.

Executive produced by Bernie Orenstein, Saul Turtletaub, Marcy Carsey and Tom Werner, the series was a sitcom based on the relationship of two opposites.

Jackie Mason played Jackie Fisher a Jewish man, while Lynn Redgrave played Maddie Peerce, an Irish Catholic woman, the couple dealing with their similarities and differences of gender, faith and outlook on life as they pursue a relationship.

The supporting characters included The Donovans, friends and neighbours of both Jackie and Maddie and the Peerce family.

Debuting in September 1989 on ABC TV, the series did well initially with an appearance in the top 20 TV shows for the beginning of the Fall season in 1989.

But the ratings soon quickly fell as viewers didn’t buy Jackie and Maddie’s relationship and Jackie Mason was under a swirl of controversy for comments made about the New York City elections.

Cancelled in November 1979, the series was a flash and gone, one of many of the tv series that had a promising start but was soon gone from the schedule.

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