memories of the ’80s – Tattoo You by The Rolling Stones

TattooYou81.jpgThis celebrated band entered the 1980s pushing for another crack at the top of the charts with Tattoo You.

The Rolling Stones first album of this decade was a different creation than previously as the album was filled with outtakes from previous recording sessions.

As the band had planned a tour for the US and Europe, they wanted a new album too.

Produced by The Glimmer Twins (aka Mick Jagger and Keith Richards) along with producer Chris Kimsey, the album was created from songs that had been ignored in their vault. Kimsey knew the band members weren’t getting along, and pushed them to reconsider the unfinished tracks.

Most songs were riffs and some rhythms, but no lyrics. Working to hone and finish songs, the band divided tracks into rock n roll and ballads.

Jagger spent the most time on the album, working on overdubs and adding more layers to songs while in NYC at Electric Ladyland, Hit Factory and Power Station studios.

The lead single from the album, Start Me Up, was released in August 1981, a week before the album release.

The strength of the single and album (and additional single Waiting on a Friend) propelled the album to the top of the Billboard Album charts for nine weeks. This album would be the last Rolling Stones album to reach the top of the charts.

Michael Lindsay-Hogg created the music videos for the album and the album design was by Peter Corriston, who won a Grammy for its packaging, the first time the band had ever won a Grammy Award.

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