memories of the ’80s – Sussudio by Phil Collins

Phil Collins Sussudio.jpgOn his third solo album, musician Phil Collins created a song/earworm that snuck its way into everyone’s mind with the song Sussudio.

The second single from his 1985 album No Jacket Required after One More Night, Collins was improvising with his drum kit when he came up with the sound/words Sussudio.

The lyrics focus on a school boy’s crush on a female student.

Using the word as a sound and as a name, Collins wrote the song and recorded it for the album at The Townhouse studio in London. The song was released  before his album on January 14, 1985.

Thanks to previous number one singles including Against All Odds and One More Night, Collins’ song was put in high rotation on rock radio stations across the US and Canada, and the music video was shown frequently on MTV and MuchMusic.

The music video was shot at a pub in Shepherd’s Bush London owned by entrepreneur Richard Branson, depicting Collins and two other musicians as the pub band, playing the song for the patrons. In the UK, the song/album was released on Virgin Records (owned by Branson) and on Atlantic/ WEA in the US, Canada and the rest of the world.

Despite poor reviews in major publication, such as the critics at The Guardian and Rolling Stone, the song steadily climbed the Billboard charts, hitting number one in July 1985, while the album hit number one on the Billboard album charts.

Supported by a world tour by Collins, the album was certified diamond in the US and six times platinum in the UK, and remains Phil Collins best-selling album of all time.



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