memories of the ’80s – Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper Time After.jpgHer second single may not have been a party anthem, but it cemented the fan support for debut of Cyndi Lauper when she released Time After Time.

The second single from her successful album She’s So Unusual , the song was written by Lauper and musician Rob Hyman, who also sang back-up vocals for the song.

Recorded in June 1983, the song was released in January 1984, a ballad that is all about whether someone deserves love.

Choosing a ballad after her first hit song Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, the quieter Time After Time reflects the songwriters relationship issues at the time. Although initially chosen as the lead single by Epic Records, Lauper and her producer Rick Chertoff convinced the label to keep the song for a second single release.

A steady climb up the Billboard charts and with regular airplay on the MTV and on MuchMusic in Canada helped Lauper keep her name on the high-request lists of radio stations across North America.

Hitting the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 in June 1984, Time After Time was nominated for Song of the Year by the Grammys and Lauper performed the song live at the American Music Awards.

Noted musicians who have done covers of the song include Miles Davis and Lil Mo, while Lauper has performed the song with Patti Labelle, Sarah McLachlan and Lil Kim.

The song has been chosen as one of the Best Love Songs of All Times by Rolling Stone Magazine, Nerve Magazine, VH1, NME Magazine and MTV.

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