memories of the ’70s – (Love is) Thicker than Water by Andy Gibb

Andy Gibbq (2).jpgThe late 1970s brought another Gibb brother into the spotlight with younger brother Andy Gibb and the song (Love is) Thicker than Water.

Recorded in 1976, Flowing Rivers was Andy Gibb’s first solo album and the first single was the very successful I Just Want to be Your Everything.

Although Andy is given songwriting credits, his big brother Barry Gibb was the main creator of (Love is) Thicker than Water, the second single from the album.

The song was recorded in Miami, at the same time as “I Just Want to be Your Everything”, which was included on the next album. Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh played on the track.

After the number one success of Shadow Dancing, RSO Records released the disco/funk/soul single in September 1977; in March 1978 hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100, the day before Gibb turned 20.

In February 1978, Robert Stigwood presented Gibb with the gold record for this song, and Andy Gibb’s star status in America was solidified with two hit singles in a row.

Meanwhile, a rare feat for his brother Barry came to be in 1978. He wrote Stayin’ Alive, which proceeded (Love is) Thicker than Water at number one on the Billboard Hot 100, and was followed by Night Fever and I Can’t Have You by Yvonne Elliman, also written by Barry Gibb, making him the only songwriter to have four back to back number one hit songs on the Billboard charts.




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