memories of the ’80s – Amanda by Boston

Amanda-Boston.jpgFor the rock group Boston, a power ballad became one of their biggest hits: Amanda.

The song was on the album Third Stage, the third album from the band, finished after a six year legal battle with their music label Epic Records.

After winning in the courts, band leader Tom Scholz struck a deal with MCA Records to record and release Third Stage, which had begun in 1980, six years previously.

Written by Tom Scholz, Amanda was a typical power ballad, of someone lamenting they cannot express their love, fearful for what may happen when they admit their feelings.

Released September 26, 1986 with the release of Third Stage, the song was not unknown to fans. Amanda had been released as a bootleg in 1984 as a raw demo to certain radio stations and became the number one requested song.

Shooting up the charts quickly, Amanda became the band’s first number one hit and hit the top of the Billboard Hot 100 charts in November 1986 for two weeks. Listen to it here.

This was also the band’s first single released since 1978 and the first number one song of the 1980s that did not have an accompanying music video.

A popular song of rock radio, Amanda became a signature song for the band.



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