memories of the ’80s – Alien Nation

Image result for alien nation tv seriesFor the 1980s, a tv show forecast a future where racism was shown using an alien race in Alien Nation.

Created and written by Kenneth Johnson, the series was spun-off from the movie as a procedural police drama with a science fiction twist.

The film, starring James Caan and Mandy Patinkin, had been released in October 1988 and had been a moderate box office success for Twentieth Century Fox.

When Johnson was asked to come up with a series based on the film, he thought about the focus on a minority and how it faces the constructs of society more interesting than just a buddy cop show.

In 1990, a flying saucer crashes in the Mojave Desert, bringing a new group of people to Earth, who had escaped their evil rulers on another planet, who are now called the Newcomers.

Gary Graham plays Matthew Sikes, an LA police detective, whose new partner is Newcomer Sam Francisco, played by Eric Pierpoint. Sikes is not thrilled to be working with Francisco, and both slowly adapt to each other.

Storylines focused on the simple things that bind us as people, and how childbirth, religion, family, history, home are important, no matter who we are, as the two explored and discovered what was happening in their city, because of the Newcomers.

Airing on FOX TV starting in September 1989, the series was well-received and had a dedicated fan base. But the new network had overall low advertising dollar support, so the network cancelled the series after one season.

But the show lived on in the next decade, with five television movies, to placate fans who had become invested in the lives of Sikes and Francisco and their families. The show also became a comic book and resulted in a series of novels.




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