memories of the ’70s – Man from Atlantis

Image result for man from atlantis tv seriesFrom TV movie to TV series, the story of an amnesiac from the lost continent: Man from Atlantis.

After four successful TV movies, NBC TV said yes to a series based on the folklore of the lost continent of Atlantis.

Written and created by Mayo Simon and Herbert Solow, the series was focused on the science fiction/fantasy of a man who can’t remember his past, but has superhuman qualities that make him distinct.

In this series, starring Patrick Duffy, the man is named Mark Harris, an amnesiac apparently the only survivor from Atlantis. Recruited by the Foundation for Oceanic Research, Harris is studied by the foundation and used to conduct secret government research of the ocean in the Cetacean submarine.

Debuting in September 1977 television season on NBC, the series was given a lukewarm reception by critics, as something that was ok for kids, but had no adult appeal.

Airing 13 episodes, the series had many tricks and twists, showing off Harris’ skill underwater with his webbed hands and feet, strong swimming style and power to stay below the waves much longer than any human.

But the combination of science fiction, fantasy and government secrets (as well as a few villains and many underwater scenes) was not enough to keep the series on the air – it was cancelled in June 1978.

Although the series disappeared off air (and its lead actor went on to star in another well-known series) it lives on in a new book, Man from Atlantis, written by Duffy about the series and its mythology regarding Atlantis and Mark Harris.


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