memories of the ’70s – Mystery Island

mysIn the late 1970s, CBS TV aired a live-action series to lure in young mystery viewers: Mystery Island.

Produced by Hanna Barbera and distributed by Warner Bros, the 10 minute segment was aired during The Skatebirds on CBS Television and was described as a live-action science fiction adventure.

The series premise was all about the attempt for world domination by a mad scientist called Dr. Strange.

In order to pursue his nefarious plans, Dr. Strange brings down an airplane carrying the POPS computer robot and three others: pilot Chuck Kelly, computer expert Sue Corwin and her younger brother Sandy.

The trio are stranded on an island, and trying to prevent Dr. Strange from taking over the world using the POPS robot and thwart the actions of his sidekick henchmen Sly, Krieg and Crunch.

Meanwhile the island residents, The Lava Man, Bird Men, Mud People and Ape Men complicate matters with trying to figure out what the newcomers are doing on their island, while Chuck, Sue and Sandy try to figure out how to get off the island with POPS.

Debuting in September 1977 on CBS, the show was part of the Skatebirds TV show and were quick hits of how the trio were trying to get off the island, with each episode ending with a cliffhanger.

In 1978, the show was moved to be part of the Saturday morning programming until it was cancelled in January 1981. One of the oddities of ’70s television programming, that took influences from other television and film.




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