memories of the ’80s – Life is a Circus, Charlie Brown

downloadKicking of the 1980s, the next Peanuts TV special focused on Snoopy, love and life under the big top with Life is a Circus, Charlie Brown.

Based on the Charles Schultz comic strip, Charlie and friends are lured to see the circus when its in town.

Charlie’s favourite side kick Snoopy hears the music of the circus and and becomes enamored of the many animals, especially the poodles, and a white poodle named Fifi.

Peppermint Patty and Charlie both find out they don’t have school and go together to see the circus. At the show they realize that Snoopy has joined the circus and is performing with Fifi.

When Charlie returns home and realizes Snoopy hasn’t returned, he goes to the circus and sees Snoopy follow Fifi into a train car and leave town. He is sad without Snoopy while Lucy closes up his dog house and says he has abandoned them.

1286131956_6Snoopy goes on to learn more acts for his life as a circus performer, after surviving nights on the train among the big animals, and is renamed Hugo the Great. Hugo and Fifi become a sensation on the unicycle and on the high trapeze.

But the circus demands more, and wants Snoopy and Fifi to be dyed pink. Snoopy is wrestled into the vat of dye but rebels and shoves their circus handler in the dye pit and takes off with Fifi.

As Snoopy makes the decision to return home, Fifi decides the circus is her life.

Aired in October 1980, Schultz and director Phil Roman focused on Snoopy’s life in this 30 minute TV special. The special won an Emmy in 1981 for Outstanding animation special, although its a special that has rarely aired since this time period.



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