memories of the ’70s – It’s Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown

200px-FirstKissCBnHeatherOur underdog hero, Charlie Brown, was the star of many TV specials, including one that featured him and the Little Red-Haired Girl in It’s Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown.

Airing in October 1977, the animated special was the 16th for the Charles Schultz creation and directed by Phil Roman.

The CBS TV 30 minute special focused on Charlie’s adoration of the Little Red-Haired Girl and the tradition of Homecoming.

Charlie finds out that he and Linus will be the escorts for the Homecoming Queen and her court at the dance, and then finds out he will escort the Queen, who is the Little Red-Haired Girl. Charlie is stressed out as he is always been enamored of the Little Red-Haired Girl.

After being blamed on the football field for losing the game  by Coach Peppermint Patty (when it was really Lucy who once again took the football from Charlie when he was supposed to make the final kick), he is stressed about attending the Homecoming dance, but to everyone’s surprise he does.

Charlie escorts the Little Red-Haired Girl, and as is tradition, summons the courage to kiss her on the cheek. After that, Charlie remembers nothing.

The next day Linus tells him he was a dancing machine, dancing with the Little Red-Haired Girl and her court and was the life of the Homecoming Dance.

The special was received well by viewers, but the audience still was upset about one fact: why Schultz never revealed the name of the Little Red-Haired Girl (which many said was Heather) and why she was never included in the comic strips.

The CBS special was also the first special that aired after the death of Vince Guaraldi, the composer of the iconic Peanuts theme.

Although released on VHS, Laser disc and in compilations, the special has been rarely re-aired on television.

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    U wonder why. #rareairings

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