memories of the ’70s – Torn Between Two Lovers by Mary MacGregor

torn_between_two_lovers_-_mary_macgregorFor those looking for a one hit wonder of the late 1970s, Mary MacGregor’s love triangle song was it: Torn Between Two Lovers.

Written by Pete Yarrow (of folk trio Peter, Paul & Mary), the song was intended for a male singer, but Yarrow allowed MacGregor to record it for her first album.

MacGregor had been singing back-up for Yarrow’s solo tour and had also worked on Yarrow’s album Love Songs.

MacGregor recorded the song at Muscle Shoals Studio in Alabama for Ariola Records in 1976, with the debut single, Torn Between Two Lovers, released in late 1976. The song title was also the name of MacGregor’s first album.

The song details the love triangle of a woman and two men, her husband and her lover, and her confession to her husband that she has had an affair.

By February 1977, the song had sped up the Billboard Hot 100 charts, taking the top slot for the first two weeks of February.  The song also topped the Billboard Adult Contemporary and Country Music charts.

The song was also successful in Canada, UK and New Zealand.

The song led to the production of a television movie in 1979 with the same name, about a love triangle, starring Lee Remick, George Peppard and Joe Bologna.

And although this was MacGregor’s big one hit wonder of her singing career, she admitted in the book The Billboard Book of Number One Hits she didn’t like the lyrics of the song and that the the song indirectly caused the break-up of her marriage as she was on the road too much.



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