memories of the ’80s – Faith by George Michael

In the late 1980s, George Michael left behind his fame from Wham! and went solo with his first debut album – and scored a number one hit for Faith.

After leaving behind Wham! in 1987, Michael focused on his first solo album of the same name, writing, arranging and producing all the songs, including this single.

He wanted to make his mark as an adult artist, leaving behind being a teenybopper obsession.

The song was propelled by the music video, directed by Andy Morahan, featuring Michael in black and white wearing sunglasses, jeans and cowboy boots, showing a masculine version of the former teen sensation.

The pop song, which is a mix of rock and a ballad, was released in October 1987 on Columbia Records, featuring organ, rockabilly riffs and mid-tempo R&B rhythms. It was the follow-up single to the lead single, I Want Your Sex.

The pop song, propelled by strong radio airplay, music video repetition on MTV and MuchMusic, climbed the Billboard Hot 100 charts, hitting the number one spot in December 1987, staying there for four weeks.

Critics were also kind with praise from Rolling Stone Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Q, Uncut and AllMusic.

With success in Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand and The Netherlands, Faith the single helped propel Faith the album and in the end earned Michael six Billboard Hot 100 singles in the top five, and the first since Simon & Garfunkel to have the number one single and album in a single year.

Faith the album sold over 11 million copies, while the single was certified gold in USA, Netherlands and Canada and double platinum in Australia.

Michael became the first solo British male artist to have four singles in the Billboard Hot 100 at the same time. And Faith became the best-selling single overall of 1988, and led to Michael winning the Grammy Award for Album of the Year.








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