memories of the ’80s – I Can’t Wait by Nu Shooz

An American R&B band hit the top of the charts in the mid 1980s with its synth single I Can’t Wait.

Nu Shooz was a Portland, Oregon based band, started by husband and wife duo John Smith and Valerie Day.

The band was formed in 1979, with its first album Can’t Turn It Off made with 12 members.

The band’s third album, Poolside, was recorded in April 1985 and was distributed by a local label, Poolside Records, to radio stations in Portland. Although the album received local airplay, no big labels wanted to sign the band.

The song made its way to The Netherlands, were it was remixed by Dutch DJ/producer Peter Slaghuis and re-released in Europe as I Can’t Wait (Dutch Mix). The popularity of the remix got the attention of Atlantic Records, who signed the band in January 1986.

Re-released by Atlantic, the single climbed the Billboard R&B and Billboard Hot 100 charts, hitting number two and three respectively. The song also made the Hot Dance Club Play charts, making the song popular from radio airplay to dance club DJ lists.

Critics were not kind, saying the song was too synthesized – but then again, that was the essence of this dance song.

In 1987, Nu Shooz was nominated for the Best New Artist at The Grammys and its popular single made it into the 1980s pop culture canon as one of the one hit wonders of the decade.



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