memories of the ’80s – Earth Girls Are Easy

Earth Girls Are Easy.jpgA comedic science fiction film based on a song? In 1988, a comedy came to the big screen based on a five song EP: Earth Girls Are Easy.

Based on Julie Brown’s mini-album Goddess in Progress, director Julien Temple worked with Brown and two other writers to create the film, with a simple storyline: three aliens come to earth to find girlfriends.

The aliens, played by Jeff Goldblum (Mac), Damon Wayans (Zeebo) and Jim Carrey (Wiploc) see a broadcast showing female humans and decide to head to Earth to meet them.

On Earth, Valerie Gail (Geena Davis) is at home sitting around her pool in Los Angeles, upset about breaking up with her boyfriend, when the aliens land in her pool.

She gets her pal Woody (Michael McKean) to help drain the pool and fix their spacecraft, but meanwhile Mac, Zeebo and Wiploc quickly learn English and American pop culture through television and want to stay. So Valerie and her pal Candy Pink, played by Julie Brown, take the boys out on the town on a club crawl.

A series of mishaps, a possible robbery and Valerie’s ex-boyfriend discovering the aliens are all part of the story as Valerie tries to figure out if she is in love with Mac or if she should stay on earth.

Released on May 12, 1989 (after a premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 1988), the film received mixed reviews, with Roger Ebert summing it up as “silly and predictable and as permanent as a feather in the wind, but I had fun watching it.”

Made for $10 million, the film only made $3 million at the box office and disappeared in the rush of summer films. But the concept lived on, when years later the film was rewritten into a play, but it still never was completed.



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