memories of the ’70s – Robin and Marian

Robin and Marian.jpgThe tale of Robin Hood has been popular throughout the decades, the the 1970s version was seen on the big screen as Robin and Marian.

Starring Sean Connery as Robin and Audrey Hepburn as Marian, the older couple are now far from their youthful endeavours.

Robin is still serving King Richard the Lionhearted after the Crusades, and is France.

But when Richard orders Robin to kill innocents in pursuit of a gold statue, he refuses and becomes the king’s enemy. A twist of fate shows Robin’s loyalty to the King again, who frees him before his death

Robin returns to England, reuniting with his band of Merry Men, and learns that Marian is now an abbess and has once again come under the ire of the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Robin defends Marian against the pursuit of the Sheriff and the evil Sir Ranulf, but the continuing battles may be too much for the aging Robin.

Released in March 1976 by Columbia Pictures, the film’s stars are what made this film notable – the chemistry between Connery and Hepburn drew many film fans to the theatre, especially since Hepburn hadn’t been in a movie in eight years.

And although this story is not an original, with folktales celebrating the heroic acts of both Robin, his band of Merry Men and Maid Marian, focusing on the two love interests when they’re older lends this film a unique view of the popular story.


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