memories of the ’70s – I Just Want to be your Everything by Andy Gibb

In 1976, the younger brother of the Bee Gees started working on his debut album Flowing Rivers, with the first single one that became a radio fave: I Just Want to be Your Everything by Andy Gibb.

Gibb spent time with his oldest brother Barry Gibb on the island of Bermuda, and worked on the album.

Barry wrote this song, and it became the lead single for Andy’s first solo album, Flowing Rivers.

The song featured Barry Gibb on backing and harmony vocals as well as Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh, which was recorded in Miami, Florida. The song was a lament to a woman about a man’s undying passion for her.

Released by RSO in May 1977, the song steadily climbed the charts, hitting the number one spot in July on the Billboard Hot 100. Knocked off by another hot song, Best of My Love by The Emotions, the song stayed in the top 10 and returned to number one status in October.

And the other competitor to the song? The Bee Gees How Deep is Your Love. A family affair on the Billboard charts with the Gibb brothers, as the soulful disco track was a popular track of contemporary radio.

And here’s I Just Want to be Your Everything Andy Gibb – a blast from the mid 1970s with its unique mix of dance, soul, disco and the notable song stylings of Gibb.




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