memories of the ’70s – The Strongest Man in the World

The Strongest Man In The World.jpgFor kids of the mid 1970s who though animated movies weren’t cool anymore, they progressed to the other side of Disney, like The Strongest Man in the World starring Kurt Russell.

A sequel to previous Disney films – The Computer Who Wore Tennis Shoes and Now You See Him, Now You Don’t, The Strongest Man in the World is set at Medfield College where experiments always seem to go wrong (or are they really right?).

Joe Flynn plays Dean Higgins, who is in trouble for an escalating budget at his school, including the science department. An experiment using a cow is one of the reasons, and through an accident, two experiments mix together.

The cow accidentally eats the amped up cereal causing the animal to overproduce milk, while the cereal is also eaten by Dexter Riley (Kurt Russell) and by the class mutt, a Doberman.

The feats of strength exemplified by Riley prevent Higgins from being fired, but also lead to the school to promote its new Crimply Crunch cereal against a rival Krinkle Krunch, whose owner funds a rival school.

The two challenge each other to a weightlifting competition and hilarious situations occur as the rivals try to unveil secrets and protect their schools.

Written by Joseph L. McEveety and directed by Vincent McEveety, both regulars with Disney films. Released in February 1975, the film earned mixed reviews and a modest $6 million at the box office.

For actor Kurt Russell, it was his last Disney film, leaping into the Hollywood fray to find his big break as an adult actor, while for Joe Flynn, it was his last role as he died during filming.


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