memories of the ’70s – women’s lib, advertising & sexism

The freewheeling 1970s brought a challenge to attitudes, especially about women.

The women’s liberation movement as it was termed in the time period. aimed to make women get equal rights.

But change happened slowly, especially in mainstream culture.

Sex sold – because sexism was common and accepted practise. Mainstream print advertising regularly used female stereotypes and women’s bodies to illustrate their campaigns.

Like this ‘real estate’ advertisement:

Or advertisements for cigarettes, which seemed to think demeaning women was worth the hook:

Or the perceived place for women – apparently only in certain jobs, but preferable in the home and certainly not smart enough to handle things:

Or the backhanded compliment – because of course, the woman shown had to be in a bikini:

And the double entendre – just because:

We’ve come a long way ladies since the good ol’ days of the ’70s, but there’s still more work to be done.



About Waheeda Harris

A pop culture junkie with a penchant for exploring our planet.
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