memories of the ’70s – The Amazing Kreskin

In the early 1970s, viewers became obsessed with the power of one man’s mind with the debut of George Joseph Kresge, better known as The Amazing Kreskin.

From 1970 to 1975, CTV affiliate CJOH started airing The Amazing World Of Kreskin, showing Kreskin making predictions about people and places.

He has never claimed to be a psychic but prefers to be called a mentalist or entertainer.

On each show he would get the audience to hide his paycheque, proving his mental abilities to find the cheque and thus, deserve to get paid.

His popularity in predictions led him to become a frequent guest on talk shows, including The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, appearing over 60 times during the 1970s.

For viewers, his ability to make predictions made him a household name, and led him to be one of those personalities that just seemed to become part of pop culture.



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