memories of the ’80s – Body on Tap shampoo

For ladies of the 1980s, the shampoo aisle offered many options to get shiny locks, including Body on Tap beer-enriched shampoo.

Made by Bristol Myers Products, the shampoo was made with beer, to make hair feel soft and look shiny.

Launched in 1978, the product did contain beer, denatured suds obtained from Anheuser Busch, the 1/3 of the shampoo formula. The marketing folks at Bristol Myers wanted to promote the connection by Anheuser Busch refused, as they didn’t want their beer to be promoted as something for the beauty cabinet.

In 1980, the shampoo started taking over market share of the shampoo aisle, getting chosen by women consumers over competitors like Prell, Flex and Vidal Sassoon. Their distinct tag line – For body body body body-beautiful hair! Made with 1/3 beer (just don’t drink it!).

First using Kim Basinger and then Cristina Ferrare as spokesmodels, Body on Tap focused on its unique formula and how it made hair feel soft, be strong and have lots of body.

By the end of the decade, its flash of popularity was over, and the brand’s name was sold to a company outside of the USA, leaving the legacy of body beautiful hair in the past.



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