memories of the ’70s – Animals, Animals, Animals

For kids of the late 1970s, the love for animals was fostered through a weekly show: Animals, Animals, Animals.

Debuting in 1976, the ABC series was focused on teaching children about animals.

Created by Lester Cooper and hosted by Hal Linden (known for his role on ABC sitcom Barney Miller), the show included animal activist Roger Karrass who provided facts about animals and Lynn Kellogg, who wrote and performed songs about animals.

Here’s a link to a sample of Animals, Animals, Animals.

Each episode would focus on a specific animal, teaching kids about their life, habitat, how they would reproduce and survive in the world as well as the interaction (or lack) between the animal and humans.

Although it  may seem simplistic or too folksy in the 21st century in the late 1970s, the simple explanation of animals and their habitats convinced many children how important and interesting those animals are.

Airing on Sunday mornings, it was a kid’s show that was an alternative to animation – and got quickly recognized, receiving an Daytime Emmy Award and Peabody Award for its blend of education and fun.




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