memories of the ’80s – album design by Jeff Ayeroff

Now a well-respected music excecutive, in the 1980s Jeff Ayeroff started off as an album art director, working with Styx on their 1981 album Paradise Theatre:

The album’s bold typeface highlighted like a movie marquee keeps the eye on the band’s name and then drifts lower to Art Deco movie theatre and the throwback style. Interesting to see the album name almost ignored in the design.

In 1982, Ayeroff designed the cover for the new Split Enz album Time and Tide relied on a bold and colourful image and simple typography:

The sunset shot over the ocean is a classic and interesting that the album’s single success was with the song “Six Months in a Leaky Boat”.

Ayeroff’s style certainly changed with the last studio album by The Police – Synchronicity:

The use of black and white images of each band member and swatches of colour made this an album that showed off the band members as individuals. The band broke up after this album. (and note that on previous albums the band members were photographed together).

Ayeroff’s second album design cover for Styx is more a predictable rock style, inspired by the lead single Mr. Roboto:

Kilroy was here was a phrase that came out of World War II, a graffiti that got repeated all over the world – but the album cover is rooted in a wildness of the future and changes.

The 80s style as seen through the eyes of Ayeroff was at the beginnings of computer design – but still relied heavily on photography.


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