memories of the ’70s – album design by Mike Doud

The 1970s style is distinct, and thanks to creative minds like Mike Doud, there’s many examples in his album cover creations, like Physical Graffiti, the 1975 album from Led Zeppelin:

The front of a brownstone

A photograph of two buildings at St. Mark’s Place were changed to suit the square format necessary for this double album, but using the architecture as a design element with the typography made this an eye-catching sight in the record store.

The boldness of design also comes through in Chick Corea’s 1976 album My Spanish Heart:

Using red and black as key elements to the design, the collar and lapels of the jacket say the album’s title in their traditional style.

Boldness continues with the 1977 album for Heart Little Queen:

Although the typeface is feminine and girly, the image of the two sisters is one that shows strength and control among the odd gypsy background.

Linear style comes through in the 1977 album cover for George Benson’s In Flight:

The eye is focused on him and him alone, with the black and white adding a modern and clean look – even if you don’t notice the orange parakeets right away.

Another use of orange (and blue) makes for an eye-catching cover with Ladies Night from Kool and the Gang:

All eyes are on the ladies with the black and white curved staircase adding a feminine accent to bring the eye to the band name and logo.

The end of the decade saw Doud’s creativity soar with the iconic Breakfast in America cover for Supertramp:

The smiling face of a diner waitress in an orange uniform with a glass of orange juice in front of NYC skyline made up of tabletop items is a perfect commentary on the American lifestyle.

Doud’s style reflects the changes of the decade and certainly his use of bold colours and clean lines made his album covers a key part of marketing these well-known artists to their fans.

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