memories of the ’70s – Be My Valentine Charlie Brown

In the mid ’70s, Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang faced up to the day devoted to hearts in the tv special Be My Valentine Charlie Brown.

Released in 1975 prior to Valentine’s Day on CBS TV, this was the 13th special based on characters from the Peanuts comic strip and written by Charles Schulz.

In this story, Linus decides to give candy to his favourite teacher, Miss Othmar, while Sally makes a special card for Linus, in hopes that he will give her the candy.

Charlie Brown prepares for the big day by bringing a suitcase of Valentine’s Day cards to school, hoping to get as many in return. Lucy watches Snoopy’s puppet show about Valentine’s Day, which she just doesn’t understand.

But the story is bittersweet – Linus watches Miss Othmar leave the school with her boyfriend and doesn’t give her the candy. Charlie only gets one Valentine, which says Forget it kid. And Sally feel rejected since Linus doesn’t give her the candy.

Linus angrily tosses the candy one by one off the bridge, while Snoopy and Woodstock hide out below, catching and eating the candy.

And to make Charlie feel better, Violet offers him a used card the day after Valentine’s Day.

A typical Charlie Brown storyline – with Charlie suffering rejection – and the viewers laughing and feeling bad for the Peanuts gang. After its first airing, kids across America sent valentines to Charlie Brown.

The half hour episode became a yearly release, and although its not just a happy storyline, now ABC TV airs the special every year.


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