memories of the ’70s – Witch’s Night Out

Kids of the 1970s were treated to several Halloween specials, including this made in Canada gem: Witch’s Night Out. 

Produced, directed and written by John Leach, this animated kids’ Halloween special featured eight unique voices, including Gilda Radner, Catherine O’Hara and Fiona Reid.

The storyline is simple — a witch accompanies two kids, Small and Tender, with their babysitter Bazooey, to a Halloween party, who transforms them into a Frankenstein monster, a werewolf and a ghost.

The other party guests are scared and offended and try to capture these supernatural creatures, as Small, Tender and Bazooey at first enjoy their scary state and then want to become kids again.

Featuring the disco song “Witch Magic” this half hour Halloween Special debuted on CBC TV in Canada and NBC TV in the US on October 27, 1978. A fave of kids, the show kept airing on Disney Channel until the early 1990s.

And although it wasn’t the best animation or the most scariest show, its tale of Halloween night was a fave of the younger set for many years.

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