memories of the ’70s – Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress

Designer Diane von Furstenberg was the name women wanted on their wardrobe, especially with the debut of her eventually iconic design – the wrap dress.

Launching her company in 1970, von Furstenberg took her small investment of $30,000 and started to design.

After her divorce in 1972, von Furstenberg moved to New York City and showed her designs to then editor-in-chief of Vogue Magazine Diana Vreeland, who loved what she had created and put her name on the calendar for New York Fashion Week.

In 1974, von Furstenberg debuted the wrap dress, and its wildfire success with women across the United States made sure everyone knew her moniker and her clothing.

Due to the success of her wrap dress and popularity with fashion editors as well as stylish women, von Furstenberg landed on the cover of Newsweek in 1976, and spoke about her view of women:

“…We all have a wonder woman inside us…” which spoke volumes about how she saw the changing role of women in business and how fashion needed to reflect those changes.

A popular designer in the 21st century, von Furstenberg’s simplicity and classic styles have made her one of lasting American fashion designers.

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