memories of the ’80s – Jane Fonda’s Workout Book

Jane Fonda Workout BookIn the early 1980s, actress Jane Fonda took us through our paces with her first book – Jane Fonda’s Workout Book.

Unlike diet books that had been published, Fonda focused on sharing her philosophy for exercise, diet and how to deal with daily stress – showing us how she kept in shape.

An avid ballet fan, Fonda was injured while making the film The China Syndrome and turned to Leni Cazden to help her keep in shape. This became the backbone of the Jane Fonda Workout Book.

Published in 1981 by Simon & Schuster, Jane Fonda’s Workout Book easily hit the bestseller lists, drawing from her celebrity as an actress as well as from her new approach to focusing on mental as well as physical changes.

A New York Times bestseller, this book was on the list for six months at number one, and stayed on the list until 1983 in the top five bestselling specialty books.

I remember a friend of my Mum’s who was dedicated to Jane’s prescription of wellness, diet and exercise, happily sporting the aerobics style of the 1980s.

As a result of its publishing success, Fonda created a workout video, Jane Fonda Workout – which thanks to the boom in VCR sales, sold a million copies in the first two years of release. Consequently, Fonda created 23 more videos, five more workout books, numerous audio books and has in the 21st century created new workout products, as well as continuing to act.


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