memories of the ’70s – Dr. Atkin’s Diet Revolution

In the early 1970s, those wanting to lose weight turned to the words of Dr. Robert Atkins, when he published Dr. Atkins’ Diet Revolution.

Dr. Atkins had read a research paper by Alfred W. Pennington in The Journal of the American Medical Association about using a low-carbohydrate diet to promote weight loss in 1958.

Dr. Atkins underwent the process to lose weight and then wrote his book to help others follow the same strategy. The basis of the diet is to focus on a low carbohydrate diet to encourage the body to metabolize stored fat instead of glucose for energy.

First published in 1972, the book hit the New York Times bestseller list  in 1973n and became a popular bookstore purchase, encouraging people to lose weight by focusing their diet to eat differently.

Revised and republished in consequent decades, in the 21st century this diet has made a resurgence, and is still one of the top selling diet books of all time.



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