memories of the ’80s – Heathers

In the late 1980s, two very well-known teen stars made a film about the girls’ clique and how to battle it in the film Heathers.

Starring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater, the film is about three young women of Westerburg High School who rule the school – a cheerleader, a bookworm and the leader, all named Heather.

Ryder plays Veronica, who gets invited to become friends with the Heathers but soon realizes she doesn’t like the trio and  misses her friends. Slater plays JD, an outsider who taunts bullies and keeps to himself, but attracts the attention of Veronica.

After embarrassing one of the Heathers at a party and being told off, Veronica enlists the help of JD to get back at the trio and proceeds to teach them all lessons in revenge. In the end its a battle of Heathers, Veronica and the very unstable JD.

Written by Daniel Waters, the film was a three hour epic that was rewritten to become a 102 minute dark comedy. Released in March 1989, the film did badly at the box office, barely making $1.1 million in its release, with a budget of $2 million.

But in VHS, the film became a cult classic, and the movie has since made many lists of one of the better highschool teen films of the decade despite its very dark ending.


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