memories of the ’70s – Rock ‘n’ Roll High School

Oh the perils of highschool, when a teacher had the power to prevent a student from going to a concert – or thought they did.

There’s always a way, according to Rock ‘n’ Roll High School.

Executive producer Roger Corman wanted to create a highschool movie similar to his successes in the 1960s. After several scripts, a change of band from Cheap Trick to The Ramones and finally casting his preferred actors, the story was done.

Two highschool students – Riff  (PJ Soles) and Kate (Dey Young) – are of course, the biggest Ramones fans, and wait in line for three days to get tickets so they can meet their hero – Joey Ramone, and give him their song – Rock ‘n’ Roll High School.

But fate is cruel and Riff loses her ticket to her highschool principal and has to win a radio contest to get the chance to see her heroes play live.

A twist of fate, and The Ramones are made honorary students of the higschool, as the students stage a mutiny against their rock ‘n’ roll hating parents.

Released on August 24, 1979, the movie did well – thanks to fans of The Ramones and the cool soundtrack that featured several songs by The Ramones, Brian Eno, Fleetwood Mac, MC5 and The Velvet Underground.

Made for a budget-conscious $200,000, the film did well in theatres and even better in VHS release for all those pop culture and music fans.

If only highschool was truly like this Rock ‘n’ Roll High School.




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