memories of the ’70s – Romper Room

For kids in Canada in the 1970s, they soon woke up to their own show – starring Miss Fran on Romper Room.

Created in the United States in 1953, the show’s focus on preschoolers, those who were five and younger, was new to the television airwaves.

The first shows aired nationally in the US were hosted by Miss Nancy, but soon the show was syndicated locally. In Canada, the first version appeared in Windsor, for the Detroit and Windsor tv market starring Miss Ardis and Miss Flora.

Other cities such as Halifax, Saint John, Hamilton, Kelowna, Winnipeg, Barrie, Montreal and St. John’s created local versions of the popular show. But the show went national on CTV via CKCO TV in Kitchener Ontario with Miss Fran.

Miss Fran (Fran Pappert) would welcome kids (those watching and in person) with the Pop Goes the Weasel theme song and had Mr. Do Bee as well as the very popular Magic Mirror segment, where the host would call out kids names that she would see via the mirror.

Airing until 1992, Romper Room was the way so many Canadian kids started the day at 6:30am – it was 30 minutes of kid-friendly fun and silliness with a dash of education.

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