memories of the ’80s – MASH series finale

The beloved drama about the Korean War ended its successful run on February 28, 1983 with a two and a half hour series finale to wrap up what happens to all the characters of MASH.

After 11 seasons, the last episode, a two and a half hour extended episode was written and directed by lead star Alan Alda.

Titled “Goodbye, Farewell, Amen”, the MASH 4077 unit hears that a ceasefire has occurred in the war, and that they’re to close the camp and head back to the United States.

In the backdrop, lead character Hawkeye Pierce (Alda) has had a nervous breakdown and is trying to deal with his repressed memories with the help of camp psychiatrist Dr. Sidney Freedman.

As the characters struggle with their lives changing with the end of the war, viewers wanted to desperately know what happened to Margaret, Charles, Potter, Radar, Klinger, BJ and Hawkeye. Would they get to go home? Get the job they want? See their families?

To date, the most watched season finale ever in television history, with over 105 million viewers and over 60 per cent of American households tuned in to see the last hours of MASH.

In 2011, TV Guide ranked this episode as the best season finale ever. And for fans of the show, which still runs in syndication on television channels, its a series that ended on the right note.


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