memories of the ’70s – Polo for Men

In the 1970s, men’s cologne became a category in the drugstore and department store, and one of the key bestsellers was Polo for Men.

Ralph Lauren had introduced his menswear and womenswear under the name Polo, embodying the classic and stylish realm of this sport into high end sportswear.

Taking advantage of the changing market, he introduced Polo for Men cologne in 1978, showcasing the next level for men to not just wear the style, but use the scent too.

The bottles were a deep emerald green, with a gold logo of the polo player on the bottle and subtle labelling, making it a perfect and simple display in a man’s bathroom cabinet.

And in the first ads, it was the man himself showing his stylish spirit that was the face of the campaign – a strong, assured, masculine presence, who could use a scent that was described as woods, leathers and tobaccos.

As stated in the advertisement Lauren focused on promoting the cologne as something was about timeless style, not on the trend of the day or the moment.

And in the 21st century, the cologne is still one of the bestselling men’s fragrances, and now sports the face of a real polo player in its ad campaign.



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