memories of the ’80s – Body Rock

In the 1980s, break dancing was the new obsession and the desire to dance was shown through the eyes of a young man in the film Body Rock.

Starring Lorenzo Lamas as Chilly, Body Rock focused on Chilly’s dream to dance, dance, dance.

Chilly’s friends Claire, EZ, Darlene and Terence are all focused on the same goal and form the group Body Rocks, to show off their stuff and hopefully attract industry attention to get an opportunity to dance professionally.

Chilly gets the opportunity to dance pro and does – but when he’s surrounded by all the good and bad of his new life, he’s confronted with the reality of whether he’s happy. Was he happier when he was struggling on the streets of his beloved New York City?

Directed by Marcelo Epstein, the film was focused on capturing the NYC hip hop community and the desire of young people to grab the brass ring.

Featuring music of Laura Branigan and a theme song sung by Maria Vidal, the movie was released in September 1984, hoping to capture the attention of teen fans.

But the film didn’t attract attention – it was universally panned by critics and ignored by young fans – only making a paltry 1.6 million at the box office.

Nominated for numerous Golden Raspberry Awards, this B film has become a cult classic for being terrible – and was honoured in The Official Razzie Film Guide as one of the 100 Most Enjoyably Bad Movies Ever Made.

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