memories of the ’80s – Earls

For those western Canadians who wanted to go a bit upscale, but not break the bank – the choice was clear: Earls.

Launched in 1982 by restauranteur Leroy Earl Fuller Jr., the first Earls was opened in Edmonton, Alberta, and was focused on being a local joint for beer and burgers.

Imagine the decor of the first location – white, green and a five foot parrot greeting guests when they entered ( as well as colourful parrots hanging from the ceiling). The Edmonton parrot became such an icon, that the chain had a formal goodbye when they renovated the location in 2012 and retired the Earls parrot.

The decor transformed in the 90s into the sleek modern spaces filled with wood and granite counters, as well as a popular bar area (without parrots of any kind).

Spreading the chain to British Columbia and to the rest of the western provinces, the fun atmosphere and on-trend menu items in the late 1980s was a recipe for success.

Attracting 20 and 30 somethings that wanted an affordable and fun meal as well as older customers who wanted lighter fare than a traditional steakhouse, Earls became a popular spot for birthdays and celebrations.

From the cocktail list to the mix of Italian, Californian and Mexican cuisine on the menu, Earls was the place that teens wanted to hang out in and 20 somethings met for their dates.

With the head office in Vancouver, BC, the chain has spread into select areas of the United States, but still remains a classic restaurant chain of western Canada, and now officially called Earls Kitchen and Bar.


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