memories of the ’70s – Feelings by Morris Albert

The sounds of the 1970s included many soft rock classics, including a one hit wonder from Fall 1975: Feelings.

Composed by Louis “Loulou” Gaste, the original song was “Pour Toi” (For You), with lyrics by Albert Simonin and Marie-Helene Bourquin. The song was created for French singer Dario Moreno, a popular performer in the mid 1950s.

Moreno sang “Pour Toi” in the film “Le Feu aux Poudres”, directed by Henri Decoin. Although the film wasn’t a success, the song became popular, and was also covered by Gaste’s wife, French singer Line Renaud.

In 1975, Brazilian artist Morris Albert recorded Feelings in English, hitting top five lists around the world with the love song. Check it out here.

Feelings was soon covered by a wide variety of artists including Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra. In 1977, Gaste went to court to sue Albert, saying “Feelings” was identical to his creation “Pour Toi”.

It took over 10 years, but the courts ruled in Gaste’s favour. The majority of royalties earned from the song were all repaid to Gaste.

But its Albert’s version that ruled the radio airways in the rest of the world to become a memorable one hit wonder of the decade.


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