memories of the ’70s – Jordache

Denim transformed from the hippy handpainted 1960s to wide legged styles of the 1970s. But in 1978, the denim world transformed again thanks to Jordache.

Three brothers – Joe, Ralph and Avi Nakash formed their business, a retail outlet that discounted brand name jeans. In 1977, their largest store was looted in NYC during a city wide blackout. The insurance money was invested in manufacturing their first brand – Jordache.

In 1979, trying to stand out in the crowd of designer jeans, such as the very popular Gloria Vanderbilt jeans, the brothers took their sales and invested in an aggressive television advertising program.

Not shying away from blatant sexuality, Jordache’s first television ad depicted a topless woman riding a horse through the surf, wearing Jordache jeans. Follow up commercials focused on long-haired models showing up at bars, restaurants and clubs, showing The Jordache Look. Check them out here!

But it wasn’t just teens and adults who wanted The Jordache Look – even kids got their own styles – check this out!

Who didn’t want The Jordache Look? In the next decade, this brand racked up over $300 million in sales – thanks to all those buyers wanting to look as sexy as they possibly could in these jeans.


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