memories of the ’70s – Maude

And then there was Maude.

A spinoff of 1970s’ All in the Family, Maude Finlay is the cousin of Edith Bunker and her notable appearances from 1971 resulted in her own sitcom, debuting on CBS in 1972.

Created by Norman Lear and played by Bea Arthur, Maude is bold, opinionated and doesn’t let anything stand in her way to share her views of the world.

Married to her fourth husband Walter, Maude also has her two adult kids living with her – Carol (played by Adrienne Barbeau) who is recently divorced and Phillip (played by Brian Morrison).

Carol is equally outspoken like her mother, both Democrats and feminists. The next door neighbour, Dr. Arthur Harmon (played by Conrad Bain) is a staunch Republican, and often gets into verbal debates with Maude and Carol, while Walter and Phillip try to mediate the situations.

Arthur is Walter’s best friend and his wife Vivian (played by Rue McClanahan) is often shown as a sweet but not too bright.

This series tackled all kinds of issues from divorce and death to women’s rights, sexuality, abortion, prejudice, civil rights and the changing face of society.

Maude’s housekeeper Florida (played by Esther Rolle) became a popular character as she battled with Maude on stereotypes and prejudices, and was spun off to her own show – Good Times.

In six seasons, Maude kept viewers laughing and when the ratings finally dropped, the series was cancelled in 1978, but not without leaving a mark on pop culture.

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