memories of the ’70s – Masterpiece: The Art Auction Game

Board games weren’t just for kids – in 1970, Parker Brothers released a unique game: Masterpiece: The Art Auction Game, designed by Martin Glass.

Three to six players compete to bid on paintings and can also trade, build a portfolio and make lots of money to win the game.

The key to making money – getting the big bucks painting and landing on the right square to sell the painting to the bank. In the original edition, the highest priced painting was $1 million.

And the sneaky part of the game? Some of the paintings are forgeries and players can conceal the fake art and still try to sell them to other players.

Released in the United States and Canada in 1970, the game was changed for the Canadian market, making the game bilingual and slightly changing the colours of the money and playing pieces.

In 1976, the game was re-released, featuring paintings from the Art Institute of Chicago, including pieces by Edward Hopper, Grant Wood, Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso.


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