memories of the ’80s – Atlantic Starr

Starting in the late 1970s, this r’n’b/soul\funk band became a hot Billboard group in the mid 1980s: Atlantic Starr.

Founded by five musicians including trumpet player Duke Jones and the Lewis brothers: Wayne, David and Jonathan, Atlantic Starr focused on R&B charts but by the mid 80s were focused on the pop charts as a quintet.

In 1982, the band’s third album Brilliance became a gold record with its steady airplay of two hits Love Me Down and Circles, but it was 1987’s All in the Name of Love which made this band a household word with the song Always.

Released in 1987, the album predominantly featured songs by David and Wayne Lewis with their brother Jonathan on keyboards, Joseph Phillips on percussion and Barbara Weathers on lead vocals.

Weathers noticeable style encouraged her to leave the band after this album to pursue a solo career, while the band brought in Portia Martin to work on their next album and hot single My First Love.

Their distinctive sound of mixing R&B, soul, pop, disco and adult contemporary made for a a couple of hot hits in a decade that embraced the cool tunes of the mixing of one end of the musical spectrum.


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