memories of the ’80s – Pound Puppies

For those writing their lists to Santa in the 1980s, the soulful eyes of these toys was an instant hit: Pound Puppies.

Created by Tonka, the stuffed animals came in a variety of colours, with floppy ears and droopy eyes, each one delivered to its new owner in a carrying case with an adoption certificate.

The notable PP heart logo was the key that this was an authentic Pound Puppy, happy to be adopted and live with a new family.

The popularity of the puppies led to the release of Pound Purries, felines to be adopted in the same way.

And thanks to the spread of so many Pound Puppy and Purrie owners around the globe, in 35 countries, a TV special was created in 1985, with Violet Vanderfeller dognapped and rescued by the puppies.

The reception led to an animated tv series on ABC for three series, showcasing the antics, problems and lives of Cooler the Beagle, Nose Marie the Boxer, Howler the Pug, Bright Eyes the Labrador, Whopper the Golden Retriever, Beamer the Scottish Terrier, Reflex the Schnoodle and Barkerville the English Bulldog.

The characters hit the big screen in 1989 thanks to TriStar Pictures in Pound Puppies and the Legend of the Big Paw. Poor quality led the critics to negatively review the film which didn’t match what had happened with the tv special and tv series.

But those cuddly stuffed animals continued to sell, a kid’s dream in the 1980s.

In 1989, Hasbro took over sales of Pound Puppies and Purries and


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