memories of the ’80s – Thanksgiving Orphans

In the 1980s, tv viewers were treated to a Thanksgiving special from one of their favourite sitcoms, and its become a classic, viewed over and over: the Thanksgiving Orphans episode of Cheers.

First aired on November 27, 1986, this season five was the ninth episode of the year, and was centered on the classic American tradition of Thanksgiving.

In the episode, Carla gets convinced to invite the gang to her new house – Sam, his girlfriend Wendy, Coach, Norm and his mysterious wife Vera and Cliff to her house for a dinner of frozen turkey and overcooked green peas.

Diane turns up unexpectedly after first gloating about being invited to dinner at a professor’s house, to realize she’s there to be a servant to the other guests, like her fellow graduate students.

So with her pilgrim grab intact, Diane’s silly drunken presence, undercooked food and crazy conversation results in a food fight – and one of the funniest episodes of Cheers of the year, as well as a Thanksgiving classic.

And perhaps the biggest revelation – the voice of Norm’s wife Vera.

Definitely a memorable Thanksgiving episode of the 1980s.

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