memories of the ’70s – Boston

This ’70s band named for a northeastern city had several hits that still get played regularly on rock radio: Boston.

Formed by Tom Scholz, who worked with various bands and musicians, and kept writing songs and sending out demos that got rejected, Boston eventually came to be.

Scholz had created several demos, including “More than a Feeling”, “Peace of Mind”, “Rock and Roll Band”, and “Something About You” (formerly titled Life isn’t easy).

After attracting the attention of promoters who became managers, Scholz was told to get rid of some band members to get a record deal and go into the studio. Scholz re-recorded tracks in his own studio and once in Los Angeles, the engineer suggested the name Boston as the name for the band and debut album.

Released in 1976, Boston’s first self-titled album was a booming success, eventually selling 17 million copies. Being an unknown band but with amazing sales, the band went on tour with Blue Oyster Cult, Foghat and Black Sabbath before gaining their own headliner tour.

Boston became the first band in history to make their debut in New York City at Madison Square Gardens, while their first album had three hit singles: “More than a Feeling”, “Long Time” and “Peace of Mind”. The album went platinum 17 times.

In 1978, Boston released its second album Don’t Look Back, but Scholz was unhappy with the production. The album sold seven million copies, way less than the debut album.

When Scholz wanted to start working on the third album, he got caught in a business disagreement between his promoters/managers and told the band members to work on their own solo projects.

In 1980, Scholz was sued by CBS Records for failing to produce an album according to the contract. For six years, Scholz fought in court against the label and meanwhile had started his own tech company, Scholz Research & Development which designed musical electronic equipment and amplifiers.

Losing their place in the evolution of rock may have deterred fans, but their first album was always a rock fan favourite, and still gets the undivided attention of those obsessed with classic rock of the 1970s.

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